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Wazifa For Bueaty

“A thing of beauty is joy forever; Its loveliness increases. It will never Pass into nothingness.”


Keats seems to be very right in this opinion about beautiful things. An attractive thing is undoubtedly an evergreen source of pleasure for one’s mind. As you see a charming object, its image gets imprinted on your mind to give you joy and delight whenever you recall it.


Obviously, when people like beauty, they themselves like to be good looking and attractive. There are different ways to make the appearance fair and graceful. However, the most inexpensive and spiritually appealing way is to read Wazifa for beauty. After doing wazifa for beauty, your face will not only become fair but it will also start glowing.


The wazifa for beauty can be performed by reading three names of Allah, that is, “Ya Khalik, Ya Mussawwir, Ya Jameel” collectively a hundred times after the prayers. After a few days, you will find your face to be so cute, gorgeous and enticing. At the same time, you can also perform the wazifa by reciting Surah Aal-i-Imran one hundred and seven times in the morning and evening on daily basis.

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